Duffy's Love Shack
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2001-11-05 22:12:35 (UTC)


-----I know I’ve already written today but indulge me here.------

I confess…..I’m a blatant drug addict!

I just called my doctor’s office and told them to have my
doctor call me (Re: that the drug she had prescribed
knocked me out, and that it was way too strong to take on
my flight, and could she possibly prescribe me something
The thing that makes me, your dear Martini, a drug addict is
that I wasn’t going to make that call. I had decided not to
call her back, just to prove a point to myself. That I don’t
need drugs that I have willpower to just say no.

But did I---No.

I’m waiting for her to call me back. I’m hoping that she’ll
decide to prescribe me some Valium like I had originally
I’m thinking a regular person wouldn’t have even made the
attempt in the first place. And I’m sure wouldn’t have, after
one drug failed, blatantly ask for another one to take it’s
place! God help me. J

Yours in addiction,