Ela's Journal
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2001-11-05 21:46:57 (UTC)

"GWAM" and LCC

Well something in me finally stapped me and "GWAM" are
through as of sunday when Bob#1 (GWAMS sister, whose my
friend) and Cooter came over i told Bob#1 she could breakup
with him for me . I am in so-called-love with a 19-year-
old. he thinks i am 16. I want to tell him the truth but i
can't cuz i would be devistated if he stopped talking to
me. i met him on halloween night he lives about 2 blocks
away from my. sigh he is kinda cute his nick name is LCC. I
want to call him but i did from Eastern and he was at work
(acording to his mom). I wish i knew for sure when he was
lying. He told me he never had a g/f , should i believe
him. If anyone reads this they shound e mail advice to me.
damn. is he cute or what.well better go in case he calls.