My Life.............
2001-11-05 21:26:12 (UTC)


well, i weighed myself lastnight, and i dont weigh as much
as i thought i did, dont know how much i actually lost,
but, least i know now how much i weigh for next week..:)
ive gone 2 months without candy, man, never thought i could
do that, and to tell the truth i dont miss it one bit!! and
i started walking in the mornings too.:)
i actually went up to send Keith's crossword puzzles out,
its bout time i did that, poor guy broke some ribs and has
nothing to do.:( i should have sent them earlier.:(
Jeff is online, of course not talking to me, oh well.LOL
im so happy right now that he doesnt even bother
i called the phone company, im getting caller i.d hooked
back up, i have to go tonight and buy a phone with the
caller id in it.:) *sigh* let me think, what else, hmmm, i
guess thats it, ive been busy..:)