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2001-11-05 21:22:01 (UTC)

Cult of Personality

so what can I say about this new person in my life? That
he's not really new, I've known of him for a long time and
I have known him for a few months. I never gave a second
glance because I knew he was taken. I liked his
girlfriend, she was fun to bullshit with and we shared a
love for Anybody Killa. So they have been broken up for
awhile. It's evident that he's hurt by her decision. For
now they still live together but he's changed jobs and he's
moving to Florida in two weeks.
Two weeks. So I can't get my heart wrapped up in him. I
know exactly what's going on. We are both in this for
fun. And yes, it has been fun and stress relieving.
So what is he like? He's quiet and shy in a room full of
people he doesn't know. He's loud and outgoing with people
he does know. He's flirty and very affectionate. His
kisses are sweet and plentiful. His arms are strong and
comfortable. He smiles a lot and it's a sexy smile. He's a
juggalo without a doubt, he sports a 4 inch charm with
diamonds and rubies. He's big and sexy. Tattooed and
pierced in all the right places. He has wild mad hatter
hair and hazel eyes. He's a damn good dream.

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