dArRk @ngeL

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2001-11-05 20:26:27 (UTC)

has dis eva happened to you?

hey wussup!!!
omg!dis a real funny story aye!!
well get dis! i played a trik on dis guy-well my man's bst
friend. his name's ethan, he up here for a holiday from
welngtn. he was on tha net yesterday when i signed in. he
started talkin to me like he was tryin to hook up. so i
played along(he didn't know it was me coz i signed in on my
old addy) well thingz were steamin up n he was gettin quite
horny!ha!den he had to kill it by goin all serial!! he
goes - "ok letz jus stop dis talk n b serious" ha! he
started sayin how cool i was to talk to and how nice i
sounded n all that crap. n he sed he wanted to ring me and
meet me. (u c, him n Tee(my man) r goin out on Thurs and i
will be there.) so he asked me to meet him on thursday and
he'll introduce me to his best mate and girlfren(which is
me). den i tried to get out of it and tried to piss him off
so he wouldn't like me nemore. but noooooo he was jus bein
a sook!sayin how could i hurt him like that!!sheesh! well
he found out later when Tee came home dat it was me! he got
real angus!!!ha!.......later on tha nite i rung Tee up and
ethan answered tha fone. he started givin me a lecture n
stuff. he told me that Tee was takin a shower but he wanted
to tell me somethin! - hmmmmmm....well here's wut he sed:
wut you did was sad coz i was serious, i've neva had a girl
turn me on like that. and i did fall fo you. now i can't
stop thinkin bout wut happened and now i wish you n Tee
neva went out coz i'm finding myself thinkin bout you. ha!
well i sed i was sorry, but he sed i can't erase his
thoughts. sheesh. newayz he sed not to say nething to Tee n
he will keep these feelings inside untill they fade. well i
know it's sad but i was jus playin. well i've learnt my
lesson. i feel stink and i hope to "G" that he gets ova it
fast!!coz i don't want nething to ruin my relationship with
Tee coz onestly i'm deeply in love wit' tha guy. he's that
best thing datz happened in my love life!! well, fanx fo
readin. hope you learnt somethin.ha! wuteva. well playin
round on tha net is how i met Tee!hehehehe. so it ain't all
bad! well, i'll chek y'all laterz!!

dArRk @ngeL *jettin off!!