I am a mom
2001-11-05 20:17:22 (UTC)


well, cassey stayed at her cousins & randy took me out to
breakfast...we went to home depot & got more stuff for the
barn & went to the property....spent the day there & the
barn is looking great! I love to help him.... later we went
home & britt & i went shoppng for some more pants for
her...she is getting soooooo tall... his cell is turned
off...home phone is ringing & he says not to answer it he
doesnt feel like talking to anyone... after I get a shower
he starts to get one & i am getting on line...i noticed the
answering machine has a message & figure he will check it
later... he comes in here & closes the door & turns
answering machine down so low he is leaned over listeining
to the messages...when the new one comes up you hear a girl
say his name & he hits delete... ok thats weird as hell...
he takes his shower & iam still online & he is now in the
living room on the cell....i assume returning her call...
the conversation is pretty much quiet whenever I am in the
room... back to the way it was before..... this is breaking
my heart... i feel like he is pushing me away..he says he
needs time but i feel like there is more to it...i dont
know anyone that goes to the movies alone & never with the
one they are dating... walks around the mall alone for
hours & he once told me she lives in orange park... how
should i feel...should i just trust him or am i being blind
to whats going on? if they are such good friends why all
the secrects about me... why delete messages from
a "friend" before they are even played? he never even put
the plug in the tire that he said he went to sears to check
on.... that subject was just droped....I didnt even ask