I am a mom
2001-11-05 20:03:43 (UTC)

11/3/01 saturday

well today seemed like it was a great day, britt got to
talk to katherine finally & went to spend the night. we
took cassey to the property & worked on that all day, the
barn is taking shape... cassey & her cousin were yaking on
the cell phone & I noticed it ws turned off most of the
day...thats kinda odd... oh well....maybe she is calling
too much or something...? we leave the property & get home
cassey & randy are going to the cousins house.... so they
both take showers... as randy is leaving he tells me that
they are going to ham jam & he might go too.... so, now I
am thnking great now I dont even get invited places....i
should have known something was up when he took a shower &
got fully dressed to drop cassey off.... oh well... he did
call around 7ish to tell me he had already eaten & that the
concert starts @830... i talk to shelly online & we decided
to go get something to eat... so 10 pm & I am going out
damnit... i get home around 1230 & no sign of randy... a
little after 2am he comes in & tells me how mikes horse got
kicked & he never got to go to the ham jam & instead went
to help him...they may have to put the horse down its too
soon to tell...