No Matter How Hard I Try...
2001-11-05 19:57:06 (UTC)

monday morning crap

hey! i had an awful day, but what's new? *sigh* i hate days
like this! I dont know whether Gina or Ryan is lying to me.
Ryan claims that Gina made me out to be a slut. That i'm
also a whore. great isnt it? See, i know Ryan and he has a
HUGE mouth. that kinda crap could get around. that makes me
mad. gina claims she said nothing, but she could have been
lying. i dont know and it confuses me! i just dont know. i
really hate when people are chicken and cant talk about me
to my face. they do it behind my back! it doesnt make me
happy. but anyways, i'm gunna go now. love you! bye!

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