I am a mom
2001-11-05 19:54:11 (UTC)


well tonight was a hectic eve, I went to the movies with 3
other girls from work & Randy had said he would let britt
hang out with them... well, as of 8 pm he still wasnt home
& when i called the cell phone his daughter said they were
at some girls house.... randy gets on the phone with major
attitude saying he will be at the house in 10-15 minutes...
I go back in to watch the movie & get home around 9... he
is pissed caue britt had her stuff all over the living room
& dumped cereal in the sink & was playing with his
guitar... randy & i go out to talk & he is pissed about
that & starts saying he doesnt want to feel like he has to
defend himself & wont feel guilty about being at sherri's,
he says that her boyfriends car broke down & she needed a
ride to do something with her daughters gymnastics
pictures.... and it took longer than he had
thought....thats why he was so late... traffic was bad
etc... then he tells me he just needs some time...& he wont
give up his friends.........i can onl assume this girl
still has no idea i even exist & still wonder if i should
trust my gut or what my head is telling me...gut says there
is something wrong, head says he would never do that & give
hi the time he needs...but, I cant be hurt again, I cant
take that anymore... I jus dont know what to think anymore