mizstake child

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2001-11-05 19:42:43 (UTC)

*Day off!*

hey! its monday! and i dont have ANY school today or
tommarow! so im gonna sit on my lazy ass and play on the
computer ALL DAY! well.....i decorated my room with about
900 posters yesterday and u cant even see my wall its so
buried! My dad bought a new computer 4 my sister and i get
the old 1 ....and hes buying a computer 4 himself
now....and hes gonna hook his up 2 dsl like my sisters' and
mine! My mom doesnt need a computer since shes never home
cuz her job! She works at greenwich hospital were they
found a case of anthrax! which really sux! i mean this is
sum scary shit! But i get scared easy! Theres nothing to do!
Except try 2 explain 2 kristen to like sum1 who doesnt does
drugs! Shes likes all guys that smoke or act like they do!
there was like 2 guys that she liked that DIDNT! which is
suprising since every guy in bethel acts black and sayz
that smoke weed! well....some guys atleast! And....then
they say DANUBURY is better! MY FUCKIN ASS!!! The only
reason guys think its better is cuz girls give head there!
and the only girls that do that in bethel r diana and jenn
b! and plus danbury's cheerleaders SUCK! The only reason i
wud ever wanna move 2 danbury is cuz the hot black fyne
guys! Now theyre hoTt!!!!!!!!! Omg theres this new kid at
school! MARC ROBERTS! hes such a fuckin perv! Like he likes
this slut - Kelly Martian! and he grabs her ass and she
doesnt care! and he thinks hes all that! grr he pisses me
off! the first day he came in...i thought he was actully
FYNE! but uh nuh! eww hes UGLY! he gotz more holes on his
face then the fuckin moon! lol! well i g2g!!! cya!
-n Im OuT
jUsS lIkE yO gRaNdMa In A rApPiN cOmPeTiTiOn