2001-11-05 19:37:12 (UTC)


Well, it's been a minute since I've used this
thing....maybe a few days. Anyway, not too much has been
going on with me. I don't have any news to report about
Leroy. I mean, when I expect and want to hear from him...I
don't. I guess I should just get my mind off of it and let
it happen when it happens. Man, everything is so boring.
I've been going out on the weekends and stuff, but I'm just
bored with everything surrounding me. There is absolutely
nothing in M'ville for me. I know for sure that I need to
get the hell on. But anyway, Dee kinda made me mad today
because I hate when she gets upset about stupid shit. I
mean, life is too short to be worried about the lil things.
The only time I get upset is when a bitch tries me. It just
urks my nerves when she acts like that. I just choose not
to say anything to her because she will have to learn how
to not let lil stuff get to her. Ya know? I don't feel like
I'm wrong or anything. I just stay out her way. I don't
think she should have the attitude she does. It isn't going
to get her anywhere! Well, other than that...nothing major
has been going on with me. I'm already ready for the
weekend! *J*