the book of jason 3:16
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2001-11-05 19:33:01 (UTC)


about two years ago i was dating a girl named sarah. she
was really nice. she was about all you could ask in for in
a girl. she was smart, funny, athletic, and pretty on top
of all of that. we had a good relationship. it lasted
about a year, but then i broke up with her. i don't really
know why, i just did. at first i thought that maybe we
were just getting too close. i mean we spent almost every
waking moment together. i don't think that was it because
i missed her really bad. now it is two years later and i
still cant stop thinking about her. i would give anything
to go back and do it all over again. she was my best
friend on top of bieng my girl friend. we woud go fishing,
play chessm, shop, go out to eat, and we could also talk
all night LITERALLY! We were absolutely perfect together.
it wasnt infatuation, it was love. i still love her to
this day. i guess the whole point of this is, i miss my
best friend. i wish i had her back. Out of all of the
stupid things i have done in my life, what i did to her was
the worst. i broke her heart, and changed her forever.
she put all of her trust in me, and i let her down. if i
could go back and change anything, it would be to go back
and instead of saying those dreadful words, to hug her and
never let go again