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2001-11-05 19:02:28 (UTC)

Bonfire Night

I can't make this a long entry, as I have to get ready to
go out to the cinema now. I think I shall put on one of my warm
winter coats, preferrably my white one with the furry collar, as it
looks quite cold outside. It is Bonfire Night, and all I can
hear outside are bangs and pops. Actually outside they
sound really loud, and they seem to be coming from
everywhere. My fireworks will be later, though I may not be
there :( Oh well.
I went to school for the first time in two weeks today (one
week was for half-term, and the other was absence due to my
Cornwall holiday). I woke up, not having to go in until the
afternoon, decided what jeans to wear to school, did usual things,
and went in. That was, after I had realised I was wearing odd boots!
(I keep both pairs of black boots together, and as they are slightly
different I didn't notice, and picked up one of each by mistake.) So
luckily I looked first! I had to later sit through a Sociology
lesson, all about media ownership, control and bias, and another
lesson of Othello note-taking in English. I begin normal time
tomorrow, half past eight, so I suppose I shall have to
have kind of an early night.
Well I really must go, as I have to get ready. I'm in a happier mood
today, as I saw my friends again after two weeks, and I am pleased to
say I have not fallen off my shelf yet. I shall write in a more
detailed (and perhaps vaguely exciting)
form tomorrow if I can. I guess I'll be snowed under
with essays up until the Christmas holidays. So I really
must leave you, and return another time.

Love & Beauty,
Dani Clare

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