-My-Manifesto *tucks away large book*-
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2001-11-05 18:29:04 (UTC)

Everything Falls apart..

So yes, I have two more classes to suffer through today..
well government will be 50 minutes of total horror with the
boredom of student presentations on government actors.
It's a waste of class time in my opinion.

Computer Science will be good since I love the class.. just
wish I wasn't so damn tired by that time.. 3 hours of
classes before it sure doesn't leave me with abundant

Christine was supposed to come on msn after lunch, but I
have no idea when she eats lunch.. so unless she pops on
soon.. I won't see her today. I guess i'll just keep
talking to Chiara about computer animation.. damn girl has

Still have 6 sources to annotate by Wednesday.. not going
to be easy.. but i'll make it, as always.


..we need to find
a way to break
this silence
thats between us
so I scream your name..