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2001-11-05 18:25:09 (UTC)

storybook case

hey little sister
i heard you went to mr. so and so's
knocking, knocking, knocking on his door again
you said you needed it bad it
you know that's not right
cause so many times have you come to me
cry, crying
trying to stop
you say it hurts so bad,
but please don't let you go back for more

my little sister is a zombie
in a body with no soul
a role she has learned to play
in a world today where nothing else matters
well, it matters!
we got to start saving our souls
not our addictions or afflictions or pain
to avoid to same questions we must ask ourselves
to get get any answers

we got to start saving our souls
have been lost
to selling pills and what's hot
wish i could save her from all their illusions
all the confusion
of a nation that starves for salvation
and clothing is the closest approximation to God
and he's all we know of love
save your soul