Dreaming in Color
2001-11-05 18:21:29 (UTC)

Abstract Letter to Dad

I cannot believe it is already November. Before I
know it, it will be May, then next year...then 2005 and
I'll be graduating college. Then the real world...whatever
the hell that is. My dad always preached about
that..."you're not ready for the real world...just wait
until you get out into the real world". So what the hell
is the real world?
I went to NYC last Tuesday. I met the "Famous Poet
Willie G." on the sidewalk by the Met. He was selling
laminated copies of his poetry for $5, which I bartered
down to $3. I mean, who can pass up poetry from Willie
G.? He definetly brought a smile to my face. What if I
said that was real life?
This summer I was driving down Hall Road on which
there is a bridge over a swampy wetland. Two painted
turtles were attempting to make their way across the road
and I had to swerve to avoid them. About 200 yards down
the road, I stopped, pulled into a driveway, turned around
went back. I pulled over, jumped out, and grabbed the two
turtles. They intsantly drew back into their shells,
terrified. I brought them back to the side of the swamp,
upon which I then watched them gingerly poke their noses
out of their shells, and then slid into the water. This
stupid grin wouldn't leave my face the whole way home. I
felt like I had just saved the world from destruction or
something equally impressive. What if I said that was real
"You've changed me. The way I look at
life...everything was different...everything was harder,
darker, changed me. Do you realize what that
means? I have a life again, I have a reason again. I have
a chance. To do everything, all I ever wanted. With you.
You say I help you...that you can't depend on anyone else,
that I'm like your guardian angel. Well, you ARE my hope, my dreams, my life all rolled into one.
Do you realize what that's like? To have someone affect
you that way? Do you realize how scary it is? To let
someone in like that?" I began to cry at his
the look in his eyes. What if I say that was real life?
The day that I let grocery shopping, an office, and
paying bills become real life is the day that life will no
longer be worth living. And if those are the "Rules of
Real Life," to be obsessed with such meaningless, trite
aspects, than I say screw the world's rules, Dad. It's my
life, and I say what is real.