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2001-11-05 18:12:27 (UTC)

Is Alcohol Good?

Is Alcohol Good? Yes.
Is Alcohol Bad? Yes.

I have a love hate relationship with alcohol

I love the way the initial buzz from drinking makes me feel. I love the
way I loosen up and stop feeling so bad about my life. I love
how the world and everything in it seems just right and that
everything will be fine even if it isn’t, or won’t be. I love when
I’m out with a group of close friends and we're drinking,
laughing and talking, having a good time. It just wouldn’t be
the same without alcohol.

I hate the way I can get really moody when I drink. I hate how
flirty and superficial I become. I definitely hate the
hangovers! I hate wanting to use drugs when I drink. I hate
slacking off from my workout so that I can go out and drink. I
hate the way I become a lazy ass when I drink, and can’t be
bothered to care about anyone else but myself.

I go between drinking and not drinking. At the moment I’m
not drinking, I haven’t had a drink in 64 days. I’m going off the
wagon this Thursday, a day before my trip to the Virgin Islands
( I can’t wait to get my hands on the Shark Tank drink!). I’m
thinking I’ll stop drinking again after Thanksgiving. Maybe stay
on the wagon until New Year’s Eve.

Yeah maybe.
Maybe not.

Love to you all,
Blue Martini