life in borderspace
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2001-11-05 17:41:45 (UTC)

Yesterday's Escape

The world looks different today
As seen through the eyes of the beast
The daylight is dark
There are no stars
There is no moon
Only the brilliant shine of night
No beauty resides here
The heart is racing
Beating with fury in the beasts chest
Minutes go unaccounted for
Days are lost in the blackened abyss
The death trance forces
Its way into existence
And is received with open arms
Hands drip blood
That rund from the source of injury
Like a river plagued by the apocolypse
The body heaves
And the eyes stare blank

As the veil lifts
And the eyes blink slowly
Recognition begins
Safely locked inside the body
Wrists scarred but healed
Flashes of yesterday's escape
And the faces of the worried
Haunt today's presence
A mirror reflection
Of a tear stained face
Only beginning to become familiar
Talking with a voice that ruly knows
And can make everyone believe
But it never reveals the dream
Where I saw the sunset and
Multicoloured death swept through me
When I touched it
It is here that I discovered that
I am truly afraid of myself