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2001-11-05 17:33:04 (UTC)

It all ends up being the same..

under this perfect government, there will be no good action
unrewarded and no evil action unpunished; everything must
turn out for the well-being of the good; that is to say, of
those who are not disaffected in this great state, who,
after having done their duty, trust in Providence and who
love and imitate, as is meet, the Author of all Good,
delighting in the contemplation of his perfections
according to the nature of that genuine, pure love which
finds pleasure in the happiness of those who are loved. It
is for this reason that wise and virtuous persons work in
behalf of everything which seems conformable to presumptive
or antecedent will of God, and are, nevertheless, content
with what God actually brings to pass through his secret,
consequent and determining will, recognizing that if we
were able to understand sufficiently well the order of the
universe, we should find that it surpasses all the desires
of the wisest of us, and that it is impossible to render it
better than it is, not only for all in general, but also
for each one of us in particular, provided that we have the
proper attachment for the author of all, not only as the
Architect and the efficient cause of our being, but also as
our Lord and the Final Cause, who ought to be the whole
goal of our will, and who alone can make us happy.

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