Dirty Fractyl
2001-11-05 17:29:25 (UTC)

"Speaking Lines"

"Speaking Lines"

Watching the sky dictate my mood,
I feel the cruel uncertainty
And the true everlasting crude
Absense of a divinity.

Do I travel this life alone?
Do I wander unprotected?
Has my heart now become a stone?
Was I indeed rejected?

The answers do not come innate,
Nor can I circumvent the path
Which leaves me in a sullen state,
A poor victim of my own wrath.

Unable to find any real comfort
In spoken words and confessions,
I try to let myself to abort
My worries and my depressions.

But I strive for the absolute,
As I need to know the future,
But I leave my soul destitute
And on my heart is a suiture.

It seals closed the feelings inside,
Which aren't yet allowed to emerge,
Sometimes it's just better to hide
Until the two hearts can converge.

So now I wait in solitude,
Keeping a close eye on my soul,
Making sure that I remain prude
And that I play my assigned role.

I speak the lines of the lone fool,
A mockery to my own name,
And again my heart is the tool
That delivers me immense pain.