Kristi's Thoughts
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2001-11-05 17:28:27 (UTC)

My first post

Well, this is my first post... I guess to start things
out, I should probably put a little somethin' about myself
in here...

My name's Kristi and I have Crohn's disease. I mention
this because it's the reason my life's messed up right
now. ***EVERYTHING*** changed when I got sick.

It's not like I never thought it would happen to me, like
you always hear people say... I always KNEW something
could happen to me, but I think I really expected something
more like a car accident or something... I really didn't
expect to get sick at 23 years old. :(

Well, this morning, I went downtown (Cincinnati) to re-
apply for public assistance, since I have no income or
health insurance at the present time. There is
ssssssooooooo much BULLSHIT to go through. My boyfriend
has taken 3 days (partial days) off work to take me down
there, since I'm petrified of driving downtown. This whole
thing just sucks. Why does it have to be so hard to get
help? Doesn't EVERYONE need SOME help SOME times?

Anyway, I guess I'm gonna wrap this up now, 'cause there's
just not much exciting to say right now. I'm still just
pissed about the whole thing...

'Til later.


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