nothin left to say
2001-11-05 16:50:17 (UTC)

life just keeps gettin worse. i..

life just keeps gettin worse. i dont get it. i just dont
get it. im losin the only people i care about, and i cant
do anything about it cuz they live in new jersey and i live
in pa. it hurts so much. then school is just gettin worse.
the teachers dont teach us and its gonna show in my report
card. then my parents are gonna freak out on me cuz im not
doin good enough for them. everyone else is so happy and
like i just cant take it. they all get these breaks in
life, they all meet somebody special and their all happy,
whens somethin like that gonna happen to me? ive been
patiently waitin for something good to happen to me, but
its just not happenining. so sick of everything. the kids
here are just fake and no one cares enough to look at who i
really am. i think its just me. i alienate ppl away from me
cuz i dont like all taht bullshit they force feed us in
school and stuff. i dont take for granted the things i
have. i just cant take it. i hate being alone. i just wish
i would die.

i always get the short end of the stick
always second place
always the wrong end of the happy endin
always lose the race
almost get the girl
almost win the game
almost go crazy
my hole lifes been the same
almost outgoin
almost good enuf 4 the best
almost good lookin
wait.. no im juss part of the rest
but almost means nothin
almost dont count
there r NO points 4 second place
thats what this lifes all about
i, can fall in love
& she ALMOST will 2
almost always in my way
blockin the path 2 u
i wanna get 2 no u
2 b ur best friend
but some1's beaten me there
ALMOST once again
so sick of losin
these emotions i cant restrain
im so tired of second place
so tired of all these games

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