World of Abstract Concrete
2001-11-05 15:27:06 (UTC)


Hey hey public!*! Let me ammuse you with a list of lies, ok?
Favorite color: pink
I like to follow trends
I can't think for myself
I'm a cheerleader
I giggle a lot
I'm quiet around new people
I fall in love everytime i meet a guy.
I have a crush on 5 different people
I sleep with my dog
I lick my toes
I eat pens
I I I I I I I I I have to go.
I still have a minute! I'm in school, and i'm alive!!I want
to start all my sentences off with the pronoun I
I lost my voice
I got influenza
I had an ear infection
I lost my hearing
I had blurred vision
I got conjunctivitis in BOTH eyes, lol
all the health stuff is true. i'm a sick puppy.

I'll talk some more in history class...if i can get out of