Watson Private Investigations
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2001-11-05 15:21:26 (UTC)

Murray's gone missing

It was late when Harry Kresge finally returned from the
Lion's Head and found Ian's message. He pissed away a half-
dozen Heinekens before he sat down to read it.

Murray again, he thought as the words sank in, that
asshole. His old lady's probably bawling her eyes out, if
she's not balling their building's superintendant, that is.

Harry remembered back to his Coast Guard days on Miyako
Jima in the Riyukyu Islands when the Loaran Station's cook
had gone missing. For some reason, the Captain had sent
Electonics Technician Second Class, Harry Kresge, and the
Hostpital Corpsman to find him. Harry had been pretty sure
that Doc had been assigned for the sole purpose of making
sure Harry himself returned. As for ET2 Kresge, he
knew every whorehouse on the island. He'd know where to
find Cookie. The Captain must have been counting on that.

At Harry's instruction, doc had parked the four-by in front
of a certain green building near the docks and they had just sat
there. In less than five minutes, Cookie appeared like Genie from
a bottle and, without a word, climbed into the back of the
truck. Mission accomplished.

Harry replied to Ian's email:

Check the brothels! Or would you rather I did it?

Yours, etc.,