My Life
2001-11-05 14:37:53 (UTC)

Regarding the farmer...

I was thinking of surprising my farmer on Sunday by driving
down there and bringing him a batch of homemade chili and
maybe some cookies or brownies. I had an email from him last
week that said if the weather held out he might get done
with the corn fields this weekend so I knew he was working
really hard. I knew that if I did that I might not even see
him because he has a large farm and you have to drive to his
different fields and I don't know where they are, unless he
happened to be doing the fields near the house. But then I
talked to a friend who thought he might not like the idea,
because if I did see him he'd feel obligated to stop and
talk to me for awhile, which he would, because he is a
gentleman and I didn't want to make him uncomfortable.

Then there's the other side of me that said, why should you
go out of your way for him when you are not even really
sure if he's interested. Let him come to you.

Well, I didn't go because I didn't want to make him
uncomfortable and my Sunday got too busy and I didn't have a
couple hours to deliver. Not counting the time and effort it
would take to make and pack the food for him.

Well, he sent me an email this a.m. and I'm SO glad I didn't
go because he had an accident. A tool went flying and it hit
him in the face! He has two black eyes and a broken nose.
The poor guy, can you imagine if I showed up after that?
Wow, that farming is dangerous business. I'm glad he wasn't
hurt further.

I may have lunch today with Terry! That's a good thing. He's
really sweet. He'll be going on the road again today so
don't know when I'll see him again.

I feel good this a.m. Energetic and positive! Yeah, Monday.

I also had an email from a new guy who is really tall and
handsome, and he's hawaiian/korean. We've talked on the
phone and I really enjoy him. He seems a little superficial
about his body and what he wants. I just told him, look, if
you want a skinny girl, i'm not it. I love myself the way I
am, although I also want to improve, and I have a body, i
have boobs, hips, i'm curvaceous. So take it or leave it. He
seemed to like that idea but I dont' want someone who is so
concerned with looks. Although I must say, he is gorgeous
and has these broad shoulders.

My affirmation says, "I rejoice in laughter whenever and
wherever I hear it. I'm glad to be alive." AMEN!