**My L!F3...$huX** L0L
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2001-11-05 13:48:59 (UTC)

Have I ever mentioned....

A GuY CaLLed Damon??!!??

WeLL, He's anotha guy that I supposedly "GoT" wiff this
other time I was Rocked off my face... (LOL)

Anyways, he was in the car wiff me on our ride back home
from touch today, and he kept annoyin me by pullin my hair
and sayin it was someone else... hmmm.. LoL. WeLL, after
we dropped off the Clearview Heightz Gurlz, he came and sat
next to me right? And he kept rubbin his arm against mine
(I dunno, I might be just paranoid! hehe) then we were
gettin smart to each other, and he kept sayin to me "WeLL,
Im juss gettin back at you for causin me so much pain and
suffering for years" 5 years he sed... now... wut was that
all about??? I was thinkin WTF? (Wut The Fuck.. my shortcut
wordz) 5 yearz of pain and suffering? Wut the hell did I do
to him??? I was thinkin, ok... 5 yearz ago, wut did i do
in '97'(or iz it '96'?? Gawd i dunno) Then I sorta
realised that, that was the first time I "Got" wiff him. I
might not be right, but thats all I can think of... soo...
yeah.. thats anotha thing I'm gonna have to ask him, coz
its killin my brain cells tryna think wut happened... LOL

BUT, it might be sumthin else, so I MAY have it all
wrong... (hopefully!)

Anyways, 2 entries in one day for my sweet diary, IM BAD
AYE?!? LoL

Gotta Bounce!