Cynical Optimist

Rain Into a Paper Cup
2001-11-05 13:48:03 (UTC)

Waking up ramblings

They say that everything looks brighter in the morning;
I was hoping that it would be true. Instead, I'm still
really confused, and not I've got five classes to which to
go, and a paper to write during my lunch break (yes, I've
been horribly putting it off.) I woke up before the alarm
again. I virtually never get up at the same time. I get up
at different times on different days, and I even set the
alarm for different times for the same day differently on a
different week when I still have the same schedule. Despite
that, I've been waking up before the alarm quite a bit.
Today I woke up at 8.22 (alarm set for 8.25) and so on.
Odd, but I'm grateful that I was not jarred from sleep. (To
be fair, that did already happen….Jason printing mere feet
away from my bead at 4.50 am!!!)
I wish that I remembered my dreams from last night, or
any other recent times. I think that that might provide a
big clue as to what's really going on in my head. I have a
feeling that I was talking in my sleep last night, but I
really don't want to ask. To ask will remind my roommates
(if it did happen) and worse, make them think too much about
it. No, I'd rather not ask. I should probably work on my
paper some now, so that I at least have a beginning to it.
::sigh:: What a way to welcome in a new day.