just a girl

Life Is Good (well...usually)
2001-03-19 18:04:08 (UTC)

The sales manager who..

The sales manager who interviewed me for the Account
Manager job has fallen and broke something (so they told
me) and that is why no one has called to tell me if I got
the job yet. They won't be able to tell me anything until
she gets back, whenever that will be. So maybe I will get
the job! I'll be sort of sad if I don't, but scared if I
do get it.

I worked at Ned Kelly's Steakhouse today helping a girl
with Down Syndrome to fill salt and pepper shakers and put
them on the tables. She is afraid of the pepper because it
got in her eye once, so she runs away. It's hard to get her
to work. We sneezed a lot while doing this job.

I think I'm going to eventually get fired from this
job because there's all kinds of communication problems.
Today they called and said, "Why weren't you at Fox and
Hound Day Spa today?" I said I wasn't there because my
boss told me to go to Ned Kelly's Steak House. DUH people!

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