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2001-11-05 12:44:31 (UTC)

The Coke Commercial (1,798 wds)

The New Guy
D'Arc Tangent

"I'm sick of this place," Tina said, twirling the scarf of
her summer dress in her fingers as she sat in the break
room of Barrett Industries. "Everyday it's the same thing."

"I have an interview next week," Linda added, as she leaned
back in the plastic chair and took another sip of her diet
coke. " It looks good. The company isn't too big so they
can afford to treat their employees better."

Sue watched the two of them through her dark rimmed
glasses. She has been here the longest, and is the oldest,
and knows how the game is played, but she, too, is weary of
the game. The infighting, the backstabbing, the
mismanagement, micromanagement, no management whatsoever at
times. Trying to get a simple job done is an effort. She
sighed, softly to herself, then her eyes narrowed as one of
the managers they had been discussing approached. She sat
up, and straightened the red pantsuit she was wearing.
Always professional around the management, Sue looked up to
watch his approach. Behind him was a tall, curly haired
man, a tad younger than herself, with a wry smile.

"..and this is the break room." Tomlinson said to the new
guy, then turning to the three women, "3:30, I thought I'd
find you here. This is Matt. He'll be starting in IT
Monday." then continued on his way down the hall. The
three women eyed Matt like a filet mignon, and it was
obvious he was enjoying the attention when a curt "Matt!"
came from down the hall. Matt followed the voice as Sue
remarked "Nice."

"I HAD an interview next week." Linda said.

Tina shot her a look as Sue casually added "You really
should go to that." and Linda just smiled and took another
sip of her drink.

By five o'clock, the office was empty, except for the three
women who, as usual, ended up cleaning up the break room,
when Matt showed up, alone, and each of the women knew what
was on the other's mind.

Linda made the first move. Linda was more outgoing then
the others, and more confident of her looks. She moved
toward Matt, took his arm in hers, and led him into the

"So, what brings you back at this hour?" She asked as Sue
and Tina moved in closer, watching her.

"I just came back to pick up some info, then thought I
would take a look around, get a lay of the land, so to

"Well," Linda said, "If is a lay you want..." and she moved
in closer to him, pressing her body against his, pushing
him to the edge of the table.

Matt's back arched as he felt the table stop his momentum,
but Linda continued her approach. His hands went back to
stop him from falling onto the table as Linda moved in
closer, hiking her skirt up so she could straddle his
legs. He was now pinned to the table when he felt someone
touch his cheeks. His head was pulled back, and Sue was
staring him in the eyes. Her dark brown eyes examined him
as her face came in closer and closer, her mouth opening,
her lips parting ever so slightly as she closed her mouth
over his.

His lips were firm, and hers were soft, and warm, and moved
in soft, undulating rhythms with his as they began to allow
themselves to fall victim to their pleasures.

As Matt and Sue continued to kiss, Tina signaled Linda, as
she grabbed his feet and Linda held his waist and together
they hoisted him upon the table. Tina, spurred by the
efforts of the other two women, began to remove his shoes,
socks, then his belt, and began to slide his pants off as
Linda removed her sweater, then her bra, slipped down her
skirt and removed her panties. Now naked, she climbed on
Matt, straddling his chest. No longer needing to prop
himself up, Matt began to finger Linda with one hand, and
caress her breast with his free hand. The brazenness of
Linda's actions spurred Sue on. She undid her pants,
sliding them to the floor, then her black lace panties,
stepped out of her heels, and climbed upon the table with
Linda, facing her, she lowered herself over Matt, who began
to lick her between the legs.

By now, Tina had Matt naked from the bottom down, and
suspecting that Linda may take advantage of this, slid her
hose off, and climbed aboard the table as well, sliding
herself atop Matt's ever hardening erection. It was pretty
much a free for all as Tina rode Matt's cock, while
simultaneously removing the rest of her clothes, Linda was
being fingered like never before as Matt ate out Sue. All
three women were in the throes of delight when Tina reached
forward to steady herself, grasping Linda around her chest,
her hands felt the smooth, firm flesh of Linda's breasts.
Linda gasped slightly from the touch, her nipples hard and
erect from Matt's stimulation, throbbed upon being touched
by Tina. Her hands came up to hold Tina's in place, moving
them around her nipples until Tina, caught up as well in
the excitement, continued to play them on her own.

Sue was breathing ragged as Matt's tongue explored her,
licking inside her, his lips sucking her, her excitement as
well began to rage, and she grasped Linda's face in her
hands and kissed her. Her tongue darting quickly into
Linda's mouth, which accepted it gratefully. Linda's hands
came up between them, undoing the buttons on Sue's shirt,
she then released the front clasp of the black lace bra,
allowing Sue's ample bosoms freedom. Linda began to caress
Sue's breasts, which were heaving heavily from both Linda's
stimulation as well as Matt's. Linda, her mouth over
Sue's, exploring each other, needing each other, was in
ecstasy as the three fold stimulation of Matt's fingers,
Sue's mouth, and Tina's hands had her heart beating faster
and faster as Tina continued to fondle Linda while riding
Matt deeper and deeper inside her until finally all four
came in one glorious burst of erotic pleasure that ended in
a heap of hot, sweaty flesh piled on the table. For almost
a quarter hour no one moved. No muscle in any of their
bodies had the strength to pull from each other.

Sue was the first to dismount, being closest to the edge of
the table, and Matt licked the salty sweet taste that Sue
had left in his mouth as he tried to rise up from the
table. Tina, dripping the memory of Matt down her leg,
slid off the table next as she reached for the towels on
the counter, her legs still weak. Matt pulled his legs up
to steady Linda, resting on his chest, as he tried to roll
her to her side. Her stimulation was so complete she could
barely move, but eventually, she too managed to lower
herself to the floor.

"Well, I must say, "Matt gasped, trying to get his breath
back, "you ladies do know how to make a man welcome at this

Sue had her pants back on, but still had not done up her
top as she kissed him softly on the lips, and continued
toward the door.

Tina had just slid back on her dress, and was picking up
her nylons as she, too, kissed him, but not without cupping
his balls, and giving them a soft squeeze first, then she,
too, left.

Linda, still naked, began her slow rise to her feet, and
tried to smile. Matt kissed her softly, then, he looked
down at the stain on his shirt, and said "I will never
forget you, that's for sure."

She slid on her skirt and her sweater, and stuffed her
undergarments into her purse. She carried her shoes in her
hands, her legs not wanting to fight high heels at the
moment, and she and Matt walked down to their cars.

Linda sat in her cubicle Monday morning, remembering the
previous Friday, and the time she, and Matt from IT spent
together, and that made her wet again. His fingers up her
twat was a memory burned into her soul. It was something
she needed, and needed bad. She stood up, and looked over
the wall of her cubicle. She could see the vending machine
across the hall, and down the hall, was the door to the IT
department, in the other direction, the way to the
boardroom, and in 20 minutes, was a meeting that Matt was
going to attending.

She sighed, and sat climbs down off her chair, and leaned
against the wall of her cubicle. She must have used more
force than usual because the wall moved. Her mind raced, a
plan formed, and she sprang into action. Using her
compact, she looked around the corner, no one was coming,
good. She removed her panties and placed them in her
drawer, then began to push the walls of her cubicle ever
slowly, shortening the hallway behind her until it was
barely enough for two.

She scanned the hallway again, and here comes Matt. She
closed her compact and as she turned to back out of her
cubicle Tina came up to see what the noise was.

"Here, file this for me." Linda said as she handed the
compact to Tina, and moved into the hall just as Matt came
through. In the tight space, there was no room to move,
and as she put her coin in the machine, Matt came up behind
her, rubbing his crotch against her. At that point, she
pulled the lever, the snack dropped, and she bent to reach
it. Her ass was pressed hard against Matt's cock, which
she could feel was getting very hard, very fast, but she
would not relent her pressure.

Matt reached for her, his hands a little lower than he
thought. He felt her thigh, then moved up under her skirt
and felt her bare ass. He looked down the hall, no one.
He looked toward the boardroom, the door was closed. He
pulled his fly down, and brought out his now engorged cock,
and slid it into Linda's wet pussy and thrust.

Linda gasped at the force, and held the sides of the
vending machine, letting Matt pound deep into her. Her
arms strained to stop her body from being pounded into the
machine from his force as he held her tightly to him, his
cock pounding into her, his fingers caressing her clit,
until he came exploding into her.

Linda fell to her knees by the machine, as Matt did himself
up. He helped her to her feet as Tomlison came down the

"Planning on attending this meeting?"

"Be there is a second sir." Matt said.

"Linda," Tomlinson said, "You feeling alright? you look a
little flushed." then noticing the wall, pushed it back in
"I should get maintenance to do something about that."

Matt and Tomlinson headed down the hall, Linda grabbed a
pop from the other machine, and went back to her cubicle
and placed the cold drink between her burning legs, sighed,
and sat back in her chair, smiling.