Borrowed Light
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2001-11-05 12:39:10 (UTC)

Joyful Joyful

well i went to dance practice and it seems it went well. i
learnt the whole dance in one day! it is really fun, its
to "joyful joyful" as in sister act 2. i am excited and
nervous and ahhh! corey is going away this weekend so i
wont get to see hime for agggggeeeeessssss. its prolly good
that he doesnt see me dance and make a fool of myself!

well i go in on friday night to get my hair done into all
those lil plaits for the dance staurday night, so that
should be heaps cool. hopefully someone comes into Osk1
across from Australia Fair to keep me company! well anyway
not to much to say. the bec and jen thing is the sameo, its
pretty platonic at the mo'.(platonics not the right word i dont

i went to the drama awards night tonight, and some of the
stuff was pretty good. i have the full school one on
wednesday night, which should be good, it has alot of hype
about the dancing and stuff. i invited corey, maybe he'll
come...well i just thought id apologise for all the typos
in here and im going to fix them all soon...my true
confession page will also be here tomorrow...eeeek! well i
figure if its all out here on paper then its no longer
inside..heres hoping im right.

feeling a lil lonely tonight but not to bad...everything is
mediocre lately. well gots to go practice my dance soon...

i have been discovering so much of me lately..i have
figured out i have a semi obsession with feeling other
peoples feelings, wanting to know them as much as they know
themselves and then some. i just want to get inside thier
heads and see how they work and why the react how they do,
i want to understand everything and taste and feel things
just the way they do for a lil while...then move on to the
next person...

i dont want to do that with everyone, not really my
friends, but complete strangers(interesting ones) just
people, weird huh?

oh well im a strange one

night night


"what does that taste like?"
"your trying to tell me you dont know what a pear tastes
"i dont know what a pear tastes like to you."
-- city of angels

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