Rach's thoughts
2001-11-05 12:18:11 (UTC)

Weekend in Bed

OK so my wonderful weekend where I was meant to be taken out
for dinner and then spend a magical night with T didn;t
happen. i got a bad cough on Friday night and by Saturday
Morning I was coughing up blood. I spend like all weekend in
bed asleep ill. I'm much better now and was up so early this
morning that i had time to clean my room before I came in
to lectures this morning.
And I know that I said after B i would never get into a
relationship like that for a very long time. I think i have
just fallen into one. I didn't mean to and it was totaly
unexpected. I think i'm going to have to introdue him to my
flatmates some time in the next week or so. Not actually in
our flat I don't think he's quite ready to do that.
In the next couple of weeks he might also need to be
introduced to Ruth. OH my GOD! what am I saying I think I've
got it badly!
Anyhow I've got to go meed him for lunch.
love and light