De-Tet-aCh Memoir
2001-11-05 12:02:17 (UTC)

Guy Fawkes Day

Monday 05/11/2001

Woke up early today as I wanted to settle lotsa admin
stuff... went to the international student office at 11am
for an interview with Shenwei..bascially reflected on my
stay here.... then to accomodation office to enquire on my
flattin stuff...finally went downtown to the postoffice to
send a gift.... to the national bank to retrieve my
airticket from the vault... then to qantas to change my air-
ticket.... next to NZ immigration services to enquire on my
work permit... basically walked around downtown for the
whole morning...quite tiring....

reached back weir at around 1pm...just in time to catch
Nick b4 he leaves for singapore... alan was here to send
him to the airport...sighz...another bird flown away...but
he'll be back in 4 months time....

did abit of studyin after lunch... was soon whisked off by
guo kai and hua gang to celebrate his post-exams..went to
this chinese restaurant to have Soya chicken rice!!
yummmmmyyy!!! haben tasted that for ages... sure miss
chinese food : ) it was a treat from guo kai... great

the 3 of us then hanged out around town.. then to various
locations around weir...hua hang was takin video shots for
his mates back in Huxi, China. this guy is really
something...he attended military school in the states when
he was 14...and then left after 4 years to NZ..really
admired how they become so independent at such a young
age... considerting that, our home is such a nanny's
nest.... it is way too comfortable...till we get lazy....
really unhealthy i think....

evening was a fireworks extravaganza at Queen's
is Guy Fawkes Day today... the city council had a 15
minutes fireworks display over the harbour..really
beautiful... we gahtered in front of ABhouse and played the
soundtrack to the fireworks display broadcast over the
radio...while admirning the spectacular display.... the
deupty wardens joined us too... the crowd has shrunk
sizably... as many pple have startec to pack and leave the

not much studyin done..yikes... by's such a drag
prepping for exams ..seeing the rest leavin one by
one..sighz... but i'll be done by friday and it's PARTY
time then!