All The My Lame Life That's Fit To P
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2001-11-05 07:35:00 (UTC)


the rejex were....alright. i remembered them being really
good last time when my band played with them. for some
reason, it just didn't sound tight. oh well, it was old
school and thats the price you pay for that kind of music.
i had another good weekend. it involved lots of staying up
late - of course. i lost so many things. i left my
bookbag and a box that my mom mailed me in the campus
center for like two days straight. my keys are probably
gone till eternity. thats what happens when you roll
around in the leaves for hours on end. my cool spikey
necklace is gone too. i think that might be out in the
woods where i went camping.

my social life is odd right now. i've been trying to be
more "normal" around my friends. i get the impress they
like me because i'm a freak. i have a tendency to make a
fool of myself a lot. it'd be really nice if i knew people
liked me for who i can be which is hopefully compassionate
at times. well thats my stupid rambling for now.

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