Attie's Path
2001-11-05 06:55:05 (UTC)

Back home

Too many tales to tell and too many world to knit.
I've celebrated the past too long to hold onto it any
I've been living inside of this perpetual summer for about
15 months now. It was almost as if I wanted to make up for
every summer that ended before I thought it should.
This was my cry to make childhood live on forever. My
perpetual summer would never end.

I moved to California for no more than a brief week, then I
got scared and ran ba to where life was familiar... so I
could have a new computer and listen to mom complain and
watch 100-channel cable television.

I'm aware that it was a run-on; it demonstrated life to

Do I hate me for doing this?

Nah. We keep learning.
It's a good thing too, because the lessons are getting
pointier than they used to be.

Lessons are funny. Nearly everyone takes misfortune to be a
curse, a lesson unworth its pain.

I'm going to look at it this way from now on:

"Any moment can be a learning moment if you are observing
the right data."

"A new lesson is better than being pissed off."

"Life is fun to figure out."

"Pain is a cellular smoke alarm. It's there for a reason."

"Anger never gets anyone anywhere."


Let's see if I can recall what I wrote here in 24 hours.