Chick Vicious

Kid Vicious Chick
2001-11-05 06:43:00 (UTC)

OK day

I know I haven't written in ages. Well the goss at the
moment.....hmmm....Damien & I are STILL going out. It's
cool. Except he's moving. Have I told you that??? Oh well
if I haven't, he's moving to Warnambool next year. Sad huh.
Ummm....I got into tonnes of trouble today....ended up
being sent to the vice principal's office by Mr Vaffs.
Loser. Mrs 'I'm-Such-A-Stupid-Hoe-I-Intend-On-Making-
Everyones-Life-Hell' Cusick had this mega go at me and
started on about me going on a red card and getting
suspended. Bitch. I hate her. I'm beginning to dislike
Aidan coz he's a fag. Man, he might as well marry Cassandra
coz all he ever does is talk to/about/with her. I don't
care really cause Cass is cool, but I don't like Aidan very
much. Simone hates him and even told Jack what I said to
her about Aidan beginning to hate him & Bowen coz they
smoke. I'm starting to feel the pressure of being the only
person in our group that doesn't smoke. I found out Damien
does...occasonaly...and so does everyone else. It's not
fair. Maybe I should, just to piss mum off. I wonder what
she'd say if she found out what her little girl's been up
to. Mwahahaha. Well I'm getting bor-ad.
Check ya L8er & Peace out.