Damsel in Distress

2001-11-05 06:18:28 (UTC)


i long for a little more closeness. i just want a steady
relationship instead of skipping around and around. i want
some stability in my life. i can totally wait on sex, and i
know that is what i need to do. i have a vibrator, and i
know how to use that.

well he left already today, he was made that the yankees
lost the world series. anyways, he went to work out. he has
a great body, but that doesnt matter to me. he is kinda
cute, but that doesnt matter to me. he is very intelligent,
and he is a great person that is what matters to me. i tend
to like guys who are overweight because they are sweeter. i
just want someone to be honest, nice, intelligent,
responsible, respectful, and just a good personality.
-damsel in distress