Realizations of a 24yr old convict
2001-11-05 06:12:39 (UTC)


Mother fucker would never guess where your baby boy went
last night on a sat night no less. Theres this girl this
angel I often speak of Does she still remain chase mabe
mabe.... I shant be the one to change that if its so....
I dont have the heart anymore unless I was going to do the
real love thing with her. Shelby was at the house begging
me to go to the city with her to see some of her paintings
they just hung. Anyways she hears me speak of this girl and
looks her phone # up for me leaves the two closest matches
on the frige with a death threat if I didnt call.
So hence fate would play it blondie wants to sleep so I
make the call of course the second # was the one.
she says she off to church she does a little dance thing
there "strippers in church there is a god" J/K
So we talk and I knew she was about this god thing since
day one but shes never says anything about it.So I like her
and can deal with that.Me not being a fan of god my trip
has always been not to go and disrespect there gig you know
to each his own.

Ok this has been sitting on this screen since this morning
so were just going to cut it here. Lets just say she is a
doll and theyve got a real positive thing going on out there
but whoa I should probly just check myself right now and
uncheck my coat from the door and be on my way from this
She is a doll though oh yeah did I mention her dad happens
to be the minister. It was serious twilight Zone but god
shes adorable.