2001-03-19 14:11:54 (UTC)

well... Alot has happen since..

well... Alot has happen since the last time I been in here
I think me and my boyfriend is getting along much better
and stuff since the last time we fight.. perhapes that he
has finally understand me and respect my wishes.. I mean we
talk for the longest and stuff and Finally I think i got
throght him and he understand... Oh he is really nice and
all I think somethimes he thinks alot and well worry too
much his mind is always on something and stuff... well
anyhoo on to a new topic.. I have been talking to my ex and
his now girlfriend they are the coolest people ever.. I am
glad that even tho he is my ex he is a really goodfriend of
mine and so is his girlfriend I mean she has help me out
through the ordeal with my boyfriend and you know that when
you can be friend with ur ex and his girlfriend they are
good people :O)... i am glad.. I feel bless... well
everybody have a nice day