2001-11-05 06:04:36 (UTC)


I know I havent written in a long time. Almost 3 weeks i
think. Whatever It doesnt matter. Life is going well.
Caitlin is awsome, she has been everything I could
want in a girl so far. She seems to doubt herself a lot
though. I want her to be comfortable with who she is so
she wont be nervous around me. Last night was
homecoming and I think we both had an awesome
time. We went to dinner at MacArthur park, then went to
the dance. Serena and all them were at the restuarant
but it didnt even matter cause they two of us were in our
own world. At the dance that continued, we slow
danced the whole time. Caressing each others bodies
as if we had been intamate lovers for a long time. we
kissed a lot but it seemed hard to express my feelings.
I felt so much and it was hard to show it all. People
were staring at us but after a while I didnt even care.
Wrestling practice starts tomorrow, Finally we have a
coach and all that good stuff. Although we got jerked
around a lot, I can see us doing well this year. I can
see that I will have to be the captain under cover and
keep the team together because daniel is waiting for
his season and doesnt understand what a team is.
Next season I will be able to hold us together in the
practice room and everywhere else as full captain.
Good thing I dont write a lot huh? Not to much else is
going on I will write more later.