pink's palace
2001-11-05 05:56:50 (UTC)

im still alive

wow i have not updated this journal in like 29587250678945
days! i have a new journal it is a lj. anyhoo so much has
changed since last time. uhmm like i moved to texas im
going to college i have a job and a tattoo and a cat that i
swear has a.d.d and i fell in love with two bands. falling
jupiter and blue october. yeah im friends with the guys in
falling jupiter i rock! blue october is just amazing.
justin furstenfeld nuff said!! anyhoo im happy and stuff.
dood i read my old post and i was so depressed all the
time. heh the doc said i have "major depression" who
doesn't suffer from some sort of depression? so now i have
to shove prozak down my throat everyday when i wake up and
hope that it doesn't wear off. well if it makes me beter
more power to it but i swear my doc doesn't really know
what my situation is they just hand out the meds like
candy. PROZAK: CANDY FOR THE FUCT UP KYDS! anyhoo i have to
get back to work thought i would see if anyone out there
even remembers me. :0) laterz