lost in the dark
2001-11-05 05:38:09 (UTC)


Hey Entry. It has been awhile again. There is so much
that has happened this weekend. But, so little happened as
well. I spent a nice weekend with April and her kids. That
even includes her hubby as one of the kids, LOL. I enjoyed
the whole weekend with the kids. I just wish that the
weather could have been better.
It was my neices B-day this weekend and I wanted to do
something specail that I don't do all that much with her or
her brother. So, I thought about taking them to a movie. I
was not surprised that when I brought this up to Sylvain
that, He also thought that it was a good idea as well.
Sonce the weather was bad and could not do to much outside
with the kids. I wanted this to be my treat for the Kids.
Yet, again I was not surprised that Syl, stepped in and
payed for everything. This was a disappointment too me. I
don't make all that much money that I can go and take my
sisters kids out and have fun with them. But, I thought
that this once, I could do something for them and at least
say to myself that It was money well spent. After the movie
was done my sister brought up to the kids that they should
thank their dad for taking them out to the movies, Shit. I
am going to have to talk to my sister about that one. I did
not thank him for something that I wanted to do. Why should
I ? I now that this is petty, to be thinking this way, but
damit I have a right to do something nice too.
On a different note, Sister it is about time that I have
to have you over for Tea. I was talking to April in my
apartment saying that the only one that has not seen my
place is you. So, one of these night I am going to have you
over for tea.

Negitive thoughts are going around tonight. I can almost
feel the build up of them from the weekend away from the
apartment. I was thinking about everyone and anyone this
weekend. I have not done anything with my close friends all
week, and I am sorta missing them. Just so you all now. I
am thinking of you all.

Lost in the Dark...