the expunged refuse of my evil mind
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2001-11-05 05:29:24 (UTC)

idiot of a father

hmm i wonder what this is about. crazy, stupid, angry,
annoying, hatefull, hypocritical (thats a big one)
ignorant, non-sensible, intolerable, non-cooperative,
non-understanding, fucking insane, and a bigot. that is
what my father is. not all of what he is, there is more
bad stuff. godamn he pisses me off. he acts all nice
sometimes, to try to win my love, but then when i just
brush him off, he blows up, like a timebomb, like a
fucking molotov cocktail which just hit the already
flaming brick wall. i cant stand his ignorance, and the
way he tries to pretend that he knows about stuff, he
makes up stupid analogies about everything that are
totally wrong, he reads articles in the times every day,
then when a topic comes up, he will say what he read
in the article, but what he reads is so skewed from the
truth, its not even close to what was actually meant. he
calls my bird the taliban because he shits everywhere,
and becasue hes innocent, fuckking ass hole. he was
yelling at me a few weeks ago and he went on about
how you americans should be blamed for the terrorists.

fuck him

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