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my life, my world, my mind, my soul
2001-11-05 05:21:48 (UTC)

never want it to leave...

i don't know what's going on......what is up with all of
this? me one confused little girl right now. yup yup.

i had fun at knotts scary farm...with my boyfriend, best
friend, best guy friend, and my boyfriends bestfriend. i
found that sense of security in my boyfriend that i was
looking for. and i'm glad that he's not mad at me for
taking him. i loved just being in his arms. it was a great

my favorite part about the whole night though, wasn't at was in the car on the way home. i was
tired. and when i leaned against him he put his arm around
me and he right away started kissing me. he held me close
and we practicly kissed the whole way home. it felt good. i
felt important. is that weird?

something funny happend...when we were waiting for the park
to open it was kinda scary for me because the monsters were
walking around...well, we were all playing in the fog from
the fog machine and when i was spining around i was stopped
by my boyfriend and he kissed me...the first thing that i
felt were the pop rocks that he shoved in his mouth right
before he kissed me(by the way, pop rocks are those candy
rocks that pop/snap in your mouth). it felt funny, it was
weird, but i liked it...the ideas that people come up with
sometimes. funny stuff...

is it weird to say that i like the way he touches me? he's
really delicate with me. i love his touch. i miss him.

i get jealous a lot with him. is that healthy?...i don't
know...maybe it probably gets unhealthy when the
person tries to get back or get even with the other person
in the relationship...i'm glad that it's not that way. or
is it?...

i'm in love.

i'm having fun.

i feel like i'm above all else.

nothing can keep me from being happy with him.

it's great.

he's great.

we're great together.

love this feeling.

never want it to leave.