Confused Life
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2001-11-05 05:16:24 (UTC)

Strange feeling of fear

I dont like the way things are going, even though i am not
as depressed as i was before, i just dont know what to do
with my life. I wish i could just have a place to go or
somthing to comfort me, knowing i will be O.K. in the
future. I dont want to be living in the same bum town for
the rest of my life working at a shell gas station. School
isnt going very well, it just is not somthing i find the
most important right now. I am not in the right frame of
mind to do well in junior college. It feels like i dont
know waht i am going to do becuase someone always told me
what to do in life. get through highschool, make sure you
do junior college and then what? my life, what the fuck is
after college? my life....what life, what am i going to
do...i dont want to be in the rat race as soon as possible,
no way.