What i say but dare not speak
2001-03-19 09:11:17 (UTC)

ahhhh... coursework...

ahhhh... coursework. noooooooooo

its monday and i have been up for about 34 hours doing
im a little bit tired to tell you the truth.

friday i went to see Ra which was great.
driving lesson
followed by work followed by a sausage roll and then more
went out later in the day and that was good coz i had the
chance o relax and have a drink.
got back at about 1:30am and continued working till 4.

sunday ient to work form 10 till 4 then did more collge

but i'm done now and the relief is great.

i need to sleep.

anyways, intend to see Ra later.

havent seen her since friday (OMG)

anyways, gotta go.

have a good day