hello kitty cat
2001-11-05 05:08:15 (UTC)

deja vu

Today Me...Jason, Katy, Sam, James, Joselin, Aum, Josh, and
Chris too...we all went to James' land to have a
was really great. Everyone went swimming...and I caught a
snake! It's so beautiful there. I had this weird deja
vu...right behind this pavillion thing...there was a
creek..and a while back I had a dream I was in it..walking
down was so weird. It wasn't just some random
creek..that reminded me of the one in my dream..I had long
ago forgotten that dream, I think that dream happened in
IL.It was just weird. I was thinking...I wish I didn't feel
those things...
The things I feel for Jason. I don't want to feel what I
feel for him. It's too much. I'm afraid of what is going to
happen. If I ever lost him..
But at the same time I'm just glad he is in my life right
now. I keep saying that..
I want to go on a vacation. With my friends..or just
Jason..or either..I want to go some where for a while and
have no worries. That is such a great worries.
Today was one of those days where I could see the beauty in
everything..colors seemed brighter..everything was
enhanced..I love that feeling.