the one who got away

lost somewhere inside of me
2001-11-05 04:58:52 (UTC)

tee hee tee hee

no im not stuck in the Jerry Maguire movie im just excited
these last few days have been amazing
meggers and i are on a whole new level of friendship and i
have a new toy.....i mean boy..yeah...josh and i are well we dont
know yet but :) big smiles......anyway
i picked up david from the airport on thursday he is a great guy
he really hit it off with my guy friends as well i knew hed fit in
mom took him out on friday b/c i had to work they went to see Blast
which they thought was amazing
i came home early and spazzed out though b/c i didnt know where they i headed to dev's and joshua,geoff and i hung out before
josh had to leave for work and then while i was there dev came home
and then david called from the house and i went to get him
josh then went to work and we went to my big bros
had some drinks and were there until like 4 am
saturday we threw a surprise party for my great aunt it was her 90th
birthday.....and then we came home and painted my bathroom yellow i
am extremely happy about that ....after meggs came over we went to
hang with the boys at paul michaels...were there until 1:30 and came
home to talk for about another 3 hours which broke the barriers for
meg and i......oh so great....meggers spent the night so she could
get some sleep for once
and then we woke up this morning and headed to northside for junior
high worship i think im gonna see if they want some help with
leadership its a lot of made pancakes and david meggs and
i chilled until meggs had to go to work and then we called joshua and
geoff to see what the studs were doing....they came over and then
josh had to go to his g-mas for fixed spaghetti and
meatballs and we watched a movie
then headed for paul michaels where i again became even more happy
b/c josh showed up too and we got to spend some time together

well now im home and i need to get to bed i have an early class and
well i dont want to over sleep i cant afford to
so good night all
love all