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2001-11-05 04:27:17 (UTC)

crazy crazy crazy..................

OK, as a response to yesterdays entry....I really dont
think that I am going to let my depression beat me. Theres
alot more to life then being depressed. And I realized
today that I strive to be the best I can. So what I was
thinking, yeah I am going to be the best I can. I am going
to make the most out of life that I can. I am going to do
as much in life as possible, exculding life threatening
things. I am not going to let depression run my life
anymore. Even tho i dont think you ever really recover
from it. Thats me tho, maybe you do, who really knows?

Oh and today, I was so mad....I put on my summer clothes
to see which ones I was keeping for next year, and gosh
they are all way to big for me now. Thats just so grrrr.
Thats just like....Im not sure but it pisses me off.

And then I think my little sister grew like 2 inches over
night because now shes like 4 inches taller then me. So so
so so not fair.

But I dont really feel like talking about me today. Just
got to much stuff on my mind so I am gonna go now

I love you Andrew to little bits and peices,