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2001-11-05 04:26:41 (UTC)

10 things I like about myself

Today I read in Lilliana's Diary that "if you take
eh, 3.5 minutes of your precious time to write down ten
things that you think are most likely good things about
yourself, you'll relieve stress..."
So I figured, why not?
The magazine went out today, so I am a little stressed. And
tomorrow is Pajama Day. Spirit week at school always
stresses me out. Not to mention that Saras friend Julia is
a whorish stalker.
Hee hee, so much stress-so little time...

1) I am a great editor for a *spiffy* magazine
2) Im a good and loyal friend
3) I love to laugh, have fun, and be crazy
4) I take good care of my dog
5) Im not a slut
6) I can take care of myself & be independant
7) I dont need a guy to make me happy
8) I am a pretty good artist
9) I have a good body with curves and a small waist
10) I learn from my mistakes and always try to make
myself a better person.

Boy, I am already feeling more relaxed. Time for bed.

Nighty night,