F*cked Up Thoughts
2001-11-05 03:52:09 (UTC)

Thursday, November 1, 2001

Welcome back to Fucked Up Thoughts, this is the place where
i like to bitch about shit that i hate and just blab on and
on about insane crap going on in my head.

Thursday, November 1, 2001

Hey fuckers!!!!! Back again to the old format. i hated that
stupid diary, but that's where i'm keeping the past rants.
lol. i don't remember what i bitched about last............
so right now, im watching Late Night with Conan

anyways, i went to winnipeg recently, it was awesome and
boring at the same time. i got to go to polo park, when we
got there, me and my brother ended up ditching my mom to go
to West 49 and other stores. we were in the mall for 3
hours checking out stores while she was looking around for
us. lol. but i ended up staying at my half brother's place
doing nothing, due to the fact that my mom wouldn't let me
out of her sight. fuck that sucked. the sad thing is that i
was actually glad to be back home..........

halloween doesn't seem as fun as it used to be, when i went
to school, the only ppl wearing costumes were losers and
preps. plus we had our usual halloween assemblies, i hate
assemblies. the theater is always so fuckin' packed and u
end eup sitting with someone u hate. but in the evening, i
had to stay home to give out candy since my mom left and my
dad hates getting up from his couch. i scared this one girl
though, it was quite amusing. lol. anyways, we ended up
getting at least 20 ppl at our door. so now we have tons of
candy to munch on. i've noticed that when ur egging houses
is always fun, but when ur own house gets egged u get
totally pissed off. lol. thats what happened yesterday.

no school tomorrow!!!!! yay!!! anyhow, ok, about half an
hour ago, i was in the msn chatrooms. when this guy
whispers me saying "slipknot sucks". i told him that was
his opinion and he kept on running on and on non stop about
me being this total bitch(in most cases i can be). i kept
on shutting him up, but he kept on trying to come up with
some comebacks. in the beginning it was so fuckin funny,
but after half an hour of the shit i started to get sick
and tired of him asking me the same questions. i said
something that shut him up good, and i ended up ignoring
him after he stopped answering. This should teach a lesson
to all of u, don't message me unless u have something
intelligent to say or i will make u lick the shit off of my

well thats it for now, i might be back tomorrow.......

Stay (SiC),